Miguel Chevalier
Meta-cités filaire
Video 71 minutes
Work presented on a 75 inch Samsung LCD screen, placed horizontally on the wall via a wall mounting plate
Screen size: 167 cm wide x 96 cm high
Video work on an encrypted player installed directly on the screen via a usb port

Wired Meta-Cities is a virtual global city, without location, inspired by the cities and urban spaces of megacities. Cerda, Haussmann and Otto Wagner developed urban models capable of restructuring the city and reorganising its circulation, but today, traffic flows and real-time exchanges force us to rethink the city in its relationship to life and to the territory. Computer tools now make it possible to explore these new digital cities, in their becoming-world.

Méta-cités filaire reveals a generic urban principle that self-reproduces without a care, without reference points, without concern for singularity. Without beginning or end, without centre or periphery, Méta-cités filaire is a virtual city made up of entirely wired buildings that pass before our eyes. This city develops in a matrix fashion and is perpetually transformed. It generates itself in a chaos of dynamisms and non-programmable flows. This virtual city telescopes the ages and projects us into a city where nature disappears in favour of unbridled urbanism and where, in the long term, the cities will join together. Wired Meta-Cities is nothing more than a huge tangle of networks, impossible to navigate or to know in its entirety, a virtual city of which we would only have a spatial diagram. Wired Meta-Cities is in a way a generator of urban utopias, an architecture of cyberspace.





view of Fractal Cloud (2013) in Abstracted #2, 2017