DiscoBall, acrylic on canvas, 2021

American artist David Kramer works across a variety of media, from sculpture to video, installation, performance, and painting - taking as a starting point advertisement, spreads of vintage magazines, and pornography. He works mainly with texts or storytellings – humoristic words and expressions of disillusionment of adulthood - overlaid onto images. This way, Kramer responds with disappointment and a hint of nostalgia to the promises of 1970s lifestyle magazine ads, placing the viewer in front of paradoxes and falsity of that idealized vision. Yet, his oeuvre actually says a lot about our current society. Deeply influenced by Pop Art, Kramer defines his oeuvre as both conceptual and political. In his own words: ‘My work riffs on popular cultural expectations and desires and is subversively political of the times we live through.’