Let's twist, colour digital print on dibond, 2014


Macedonian artist Robert Gligorov works across a variety of media: video, photography, installations, and paintings. His primary sources are all types of images: from drawings to movies, graphics or logos, comics. The admiration for art history masters - like Matisse, Piero Della Francesca, and Bacon - also nourishes his oeuvre. Formerly more focused on the body, its metamorphosis, and performance, Gligorov’s current research focuses on social and political issues. In his own words: ‘my goal is to investigate the meaning of things and stubbornly seek beauty and seduction of things’, despite the chosen medium and content. Very often, his works provoke intentionally shocking or disturbing short circuits, leaving the viewer to reflect on existence and common sufferance. Since 2014 he has been running ‘Hystery’ magazine, ‘a container of unreleased works of an intense visual impact. Images that speak of politics, society, art obsessions and poetry’.