Katia Bourdarel, born in Marseille in 1970, lives and works in Paris.

She graduated from the École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs de Paris

with a specialization in Art and Space.

She quickly started to collaborate with Galerie Roger Pailhas, who exhibits her work in numerous national and international art fairs.

Today, she is represented by Aeroplastics Gallery in Brussels, and Bernhard Bischoff Gallery in Bern.

Since her first works Katia Bourdarel plays with the polymorphic media, from painting to video installation, her practice adapts to the concept and sensitivity of the project.

It is inspired by popular culture and its own history. In order to question the capacity of wonderment present in each of us the artist creates works about the personal or collective memory. Bourdarel's work covers different themes of opposition such as life and death; the good and the bad ; innocence and guilt. She plays on resemblances, dissonances, and intimacies. Everything is on the surface, everything seems simple, however something oblique makes us pass through other side. It is from here that is born the singularity of her work.