British artist John Isaacs cares for the anonymity, diversity and need to remove boundaries in his working practice, creating the possibility of intuitively asking "What is necessary as opposed to what is simply decoration". His work consists of many different media approaches from drawing, painting, photography to predominantly fullsize installations and sculptures. He is wellknown for his lifesize wax sculptures of both human and animal and started recently to explore the possibility of Carrara marble. His work is exhibited extensively in esteemed public and private European institutions such as Tate Britain & Liverpool, The Serpentine, Saatchi and Hayward galleries in London , ME collectors room in Berlin, Les Abattoirs in Toulouse, La Maison Rouge in Paris as well as in various venues in America and Asia.

The work of John Isaacs has been collected by some of the most cutting-edge and renown private collections worldwide (Olbricht , Murderme/Damien Hirst, De Galbert, Speyer, Berri , Saatchi, Kim/Arario, etc...)