Welcome (Gericault), 2019, pencil on paper

Luxemburger artist, of Polish origin, Filip Markiewicz works mainly with drawing, but also with video and installations, creating a consistent visual body of works. The debate of everyday issues, political agendas, and the many consequences of capitalist society are at the core of his research. Markiewicz questions some aspects of widespread Western discontent: social welfare, migration, wars, religious fundamentalism, the use of national and private wealth. Ultimately, with his multidisciplinary practice, Mankiewicz invites the viewer to reflect on the paradoxes of a Europe facing a severe existential crisis, while still trying to embody the values for which migrants risk their lives. His willingness to go back to the pencil and the paper emerges from the need to use drawing as a widespread technique of expression that leaves a "real" imprint in a digitalized world. In 2015, Markiewicz represented the Great Duchy of Luxemburg at the 56th Venice Biennale with his project 'Paradiso Lussemburgo'.