Luxemburger of Polish origin, Filip MARKIEWICZ (b.1980) is a multidisciplinary artist expressing himself through, a.o., drawing, video and installations thereby creating a coherent visual body of work using diversified media.

The artist, who is always looking for explanations to our daily lives, explores the omnipresence of image and puts in perspective the message they convey. Applying criticism and a certain political twist to "the news", he underlines the vacuity of our overproducing visual world where news becomes reality, and not the opposite.

While capitalism has become an ideology and banks the new cathedrals of mass expression, MARKIEWICZ interrogates some aspects of the European populations' discontent: social welfare, migration, wars outside our borders, religious integrism, the use of national and private wealth, the value of art as a reflection of culture.

His willingness to go back to the pencil and the paper emerges from the need to use drawing as a widespread technique of expression that leaves a "real" imprint in a digitalized world of abstract evidence lead by forms and colours.

MARKIEWICZ represented the Great Duchy of Luxemburg at the 56th Venice Biennale (2015) with his project "Paradiso Lussemburgo", that was particularly appreciated for its cohesion though complexity and variety of artistic disciplines.