Daniele BUETTI

Flag #26a, Archival inkjet print on laid paper, 2014 - 2016



Swiss artist Daniele Buetti explores fashion world, media codes, and our society’s obsession with beauty through a range of different media including photography, light-box installation, performance, and sculpture. After working for fashion editorials during the 90s, Buetti turned to fine arts. In his best-known series Looking for Love (1997-2000), Buetti modifies pictures of supermodels found in magazines or on the Internet by drawing brand symbols and ornaments just like scars or tattoos on the printed skin. Suddenly, the illusion we have of perfect beauty breaks down. More recently, Buetti’s work emphasizes on our obsession for fame as well as our relationship with the celebrity world, for example when he replaces famous people’s faces with mirrors to allow viewers to confront with their self-image.