Pierrick SORIN

Aquarium au danseur, optical theater, 2010.


Pierrick Sorin is a French multimedia artist, video director, and scenographer. He is best known for his optical theaters, works in which Sorin himself appears as a hologram, among real and tangible objects. Since the 90’s indeed the artist incarnates various protagonists in fictional settings realized with DIY special effects. By paying tribute to masters of cinema burlesque Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton, Sorin ironically casts upon the world (of art) and his relationship with it. With a healthy dose of self mockery and humours, Sorin makes parody of daily life solitude and boredom by showing himself engaged in hilarious, non-sense situations like running on a turntable ('Artiste vieillissant, dans le vent'), floating in an aquarium ('Aquarium au danseur') or engaged in a slippery dance on two bars of soap ('Chorégraphie pour Savonnette').