Capital (Brussels), 2021



London-based artist Danny Rolph is best know for his multi-layered, abstract, colour focused acrylic paintings and mixed-media triplewalls. Motifs taken from landscapes of countries he travels to are often integrated into his compositions, and his colour choices are instinctive and often echo the environment around him.  From the dynamism of cities like London, New York, and Rome to the deserts of West Texas and New Mexico, all this contributes to Rolph's multi-layered, abstract, colorful body of works. Tensions between spatial relations and layered narratives are the core of Rolph's practice. According to his own words, "[his] paintings are spatially indulgent, delicious and open to those who believe in the power of visual discovery". Music and LP sleeves mainly from the '70s and '80s, but also philosophy, poetry and art history (from Tiepolo and Tintoretto to Henri Matisse and Agnes Martin) are authentic sources of inspiration for Rolph’s work.