biographies Bernard Gigounon

Bernard Gigounon (1972) lives and works in Brussels (BE)

From his very first pieces, Bernard Gigounon has worked to create correspondences, resemblances, shifts from one state of form to another, and this by internal manipulations of image and sound and the manner of their juxtaposition. While initially focussed on sculptural work, he has since then retained an ever-present preoccupation with materials and their properties. In a certain way, the progression of his oeuvre - mainly through the medium of video - maintains from sculpture a desire to think of the image-in-movement as a property in its own right, with its inherent characteristics of endurance, grain, and the opportunity for representation, as well as its sense of place in space.The work of Bernard Gigounon is obsessed with finding the unobtainable definition of one's place in reality. Passing as a subject gifted of perception, attempting to see what his eyes hear, to read what has not been written. To provoke a disorder of the senses - the sole way of heralding the advent of magic.

O. Drouot