biographies Moussa Sarr

Moussa Sarr (1984) lives and works in London (UK)

Moussa Sarr is an artist. Emerging. Corsican. Lives and works between Paris, Dakar and London. Sex: masculine. Nationality: French, of diverse and varied origins, incarnating only one (despite himself?): the foreigner.
Having no fear of the symbols, signs and codes that make up the iconic clichés of History (men, homelands, nations; hymns, emblems and flags…) nor the phantasms weaving those that we tell ourselves and transmit with the heroic intention of managing our latent savageries (tales, legends and myths…), Moussa Sarr uses and abuses allegories to stage himself “on the frontlines” of the battlefield (social, political, cultural or artistic, collective or personal). Even if the undertaking seems clear, the artist works between the lines: there where discord and polemics are played out. There where we get thrown into the game. And although we can have a good laugh, the times are still grave.

Leïla Quilacq