biographies Marcel Gähler

Marcel Gähler (1969) lives and works in Winterthur (CH)

There are no great gestures, no posing, no breaching of taboos, no reference to current topics. His images of alienation from reality exist outside of time. They portray mortality and losing one's grip on reality in pictures which are unspectacular. Pictures in which what the beam of a pocket torch makes fleetingly visible reveals only that what you are looking for is not there in what has been shown. Marcel Gähler, born in 1969, has found his own way as a painter. Gähler only ever suggests. He allows flashes of light to break through the darkness and an even deeper darkness to emerge from the impenetrable blackness of the night. Here too, the uncanny derives not from hints of past crimes or lurking monsters. His painting drives us towards the limits of our perception. It makes it disconcertingly clear that seeing nothing does not imply that nothing is there. Gähler understands how to create a vacuum and then punctuate it with shafts of seeing.

Sylvia Rüttimann