optical theaters about the optical theaters

Pierrick Sorin is a French internationally renowned master of contemporary video art, deeply influenced by Georges Méliès; he created the “Optical theaters”, breaking ground by the use of the hologram technology in artistic creations, projecting 3D videos in a three dimensional space, with the direct integration of sound, light, electricityand video, building an extrasensory cross-spatial three-dimensional dazzling artistic space. His initial works were inspired by Emile Reynaud’sPraxinoscope. He used the effects of the reflection on tilted mirrors, so that in the work one can see the movements of the character in a fixed interior décor, as well as the hologram technology, a deep combination of the newest scientific techniques with craftsmanship, thus achieving the interpenetration of the object and the concept; at the same time, the artist takes personally part in his work, as the title role, the screenwriter, the director, the set designer and the cameraman; and the worksare presentedwith the shocks of holographic images in real décors and settings.

Pierrick Sorin focuses on turning the delicate relationship between humanity and art into an amusing video work, borrowing comical figures, bodies, mocking human existence and perpetuation thereof, while interrogating artistic creation itself; he loves shooting himself, as well as shooting fictional roles played by himself; the short movies and video installations that he directs are filled with a unique sense of humor and diversity, and one can get in them a glimpse of the traditional elements of entertainment such as disguises, running gags, juggling and dancing, thus making their impact on the audience raise rapidly.