Nancy Fouts - about Nancy Fouts at the Collection exhibition

In the reception area of the Metropole, Nancy Fouts presents 'Peacock in War Bonnet' together with a series of her customized Old Masters Paintings, ‘Adam and Adam’ and ‘Eve and Eve’, an ironical twist on the famous 1528 ‘Adam and Eve’ double painting by Lucas Cranach the Elder. Fouts transforms this biblical subject into a contemporary myth of the birth of gender. This work also functions as an ancillary allusion to Thomas Mann’s Death in Venice, partly written at the Metropole. In 'Peacock in War Bonnet' the re-elaborated taxidermy captures the fleeting and unsettling moment of visual and conceptual uncertainty, where the rational and irrational seem to converge in perfect and unexpected communion. This exquisite re-composition of layered symbolisms has a trophy-like feel and an indirect implication of both ridicule and conquest of the male ego and super ego.


10 May - 2 July 2017
Gervasuti Foundation - Metropole Hotel - Riva degli Schiavoni - Venezia