about this exhibition supporting the Quinzaine de la Croix Rouge

19 April - 14 May 2017

The Belgian Red Cross helps each year hundreds of people in need.

During this year's campaign,  Garlone Egels curates a charity exhibition @Washington186 that focusses on some of its missions.

For each artwork sold, 10% will be donate to the Croix-Rouge de Belgique, section d'Auderghem.

Artworks exhibited by Carlos AIRES - Manuel ALVES-PEREIRA - Elodie ANTOINE - Katia BOURDAREL - Shadi GHADIRIAN - Robert GLIGOROV - Frances GOODMAN - HeHe - Anton HORVATOVIC - Alexandra LEYRE-MEIN - Filip MARKIEWICZ - Robert McNALLY - Mark TITCHNER - Gavin TURK

Also for sale during the whole fortnight: the well-known RedCross bandaids.