Elodie Antoine

1978, Virton, Belgium
lives and works in Brussels

Graduate in 2002 of the sculpture workshop, E.N.S.A.V (La Cambre) Brussels.

Personal exhibitions - since 2005

  • Confessions et Confections, Saint Loup Church, Namur (B)
  • Dominique Lang Gallery, Dudelange, Luxemburg
  • Living room, Maison d'Art Actuel des Chartreux, Brussels
  • La conquête de l'espace, Desimpel Gallery, Brussels
  • B-Gallery, Brussels
  • Ara Lunae gallery, Arlon (B)
  • Frederic Desimpel gallery, Brussels
  • La robe de mariée with the Museum of Lace of the town of Brussels based on the novel of Valerie Nimal with the scenographer Nathalie Canivet
  • Playtex by Elodie Antoine in The WETM generation: Ad!dicted to branding in BOZAR (Brussels' Museum of Fine Arts)
  • Feutrines , Arte Coppo gallery in Verviers,(B)
  • Frederic Desimpel iGallery, Brussels.

Selected group exhibitions - since 2005

  • White house Gallery opening, Leuven (B)
  • "Art Public Tournai", open air exhibition in Tournai, (B)
  • "Black Sheep", Lincolnshire, (UK)
  • "Epine d'Eden" Dubois Friedland Gallery, Brussels
  • "Entre deux chaises, un livre" Villa Empain, Boghossian Foundation, Brussels
  • Malaxe with Eglantine Chaumont, Atelier 2, Villeneuve d'Ascq (F)
  • A table , open air exhibition center for contemporary art of Belgian Luxemburg
  • Feutre, Felt La Charcuterie, Brussels
  • Dentelles"Centre culturel Saint-Exupéry Reims (F)
  • Kama.Sex&Design Exploring the relations between sex and design, Triennale Design
    Museum, Milan (I)
  • Nervous Women, with Louise Bourgeois, Cindy Sherman, Hans Bellmer,...
    Dr Guislain Museum, Ghent (B)
  • Open sites, floating work on a lake, Villeneuve d'Ascq (F)
  • 'Fireflies', Aeroplastics contemporary, Brussels
  • Curator and artist in the show Le Mal du Pays, 46th Saint-Martin festivity, Tourinnes (B)
  • (In and) Out of this world, Gaggarin Gallery, with Hedwig Broekaert and Frederik Heyman,
    Brussels Artist duo: an exchange, with Charlotte Beaudry, Gabrielle Voisard and Léonard Félix,
    Contemporary Art Museum of Jura, Switzerland
  • Woven world , Contemporary Textile Art triennal of Tournai (B)
  • Summer tree open air exhibition, Wanze (B)
  • So be it, Saint Loup Chruch, Namur, (B)
  • Open air exhibition in the field of M J. Hayez., Hanzinelle (B)
  • Objet/Contre-objets, Ianchelevici Museum, La Louvière (B)
  • Dialog, Clockarium, Brussels
  • Chantiers Textiles, le Vestiaire, Roubaix, (F)
  • MATTEROFTIME, Kurt&Kelly Gallery, Bruxelles.
  • Dédale, open air biennal, Huy (B)
  • L'union fait la forme au Palais des Beaux-Arts, BOZAR, Brussels.
  • Nos frontières, Arts à la pointe
  • open air exhibition in the Cap Sizun chaptel, (F)
  • Pays'arbres, Parc Elisabeth, Bastogne (B)
  • Dress Code, ISELP, Brussels
  • «Une collection» Vincent Bazin's collection.
  • Mutation, Desimpel gallery, Brussels
  • Espace Vallès, Grenoble, (F)
  • Dritto Rovescio, Milano triennal Italy.
  • XY, l'emprise du genre, MAAC Brussels.
  • L'emprise du genre, musée Lanchelevici, La Louvière (B)
  • Honorons Honoré, curated by Damien Delepeleire, De Garage, Cultuurcentrum, Mechelen. (B)
  • Canvascollectie, BOZAR Bruxelles
  • Kunst&Zwalm open air biennale, West Flanders (B)
  • Art tour biennale, Ianchelevici museum, La Louvière (B)
  • "The Thread" Koroska gallery, Slovenia
  • «petits boulots» at Code buro, Brussels
  • Gallery «Espace Sol» Ars Longa, Curator Pierre Yves Desaive, Seoul, Korea.
  • Bobinette et tricotine spectacle-performance at Les Halles de Schaerbeek with
    Gaelle Bisellach-Roig (B)
  • L'Union fait la forme with The Office for Contemporary art, Brussels
  • Scolarschip from the foundation of Tapestry (during 2005-2006)
  • (Auto) portraits Gallery Usagexterne, Brussels.
  • Play / performance in collaboration with the dancer Gaëlle Bisellach-Roig, festival
  • Temps d'Images, Halles de Schaerbeek., Brussels
  • Exhibition at the Baths of Forest for the launching of the magazine Codes Writings
    Usagexterne gallery , Brussels
  • Vingt ans après; carte blanche à Alain Delaunois, the Walloon Center of
    Contemporary art. , Brussels
  • Peausseries , La Venerie, Brussels
  • Price of the City of Tournai, selection
  • Chez at Le Chalet de Haute Nuit, Ecaussines Lalaing. (B)


  • Prix du parlement de la communauté française, selection.
  • Prix de la ville de Tournai, selection.
  • Laureate of the price of Luxembourg Visual arts
  • 1st price of the young sculpture of the French Community - Work of small size

Public collections