Carlos Aires 'Sweet Dreams are made of this': Aeroplastics // The Chapel

17 - 30 April 2018

The video "Sweet Dreams are made of this" shows two policemen wearing anti-riot uniforms, dancing a tango version of the famous 80´s song written and performed by the British music duo Eurhythmics. The fantastic lyric of the song is the central motor of the piece. Opera or classical music is part of the high culture, meanwhile, pop music is still considered popular music or low culture. I completely disagree with it.
A lot of the lyrics of pop songs are contemporary poetry and are part of both social imaginary and our sentimental discographies. The cover of the song "Sweet Dreams are made of this" has been arranged by the bandoneon player Fernando
Girdini and recorded exclusively for the video, performed by the broken voice of Sara Van. (...)

- Carlos Aires